QRO UAV mission 2 : Above and Behind

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After the first mission (the bridge inspection) of the QRO-UAV. I have conducted another type of mission in real situation. The purpose of this mission is to demonstrate that the QRO-UAV is able to do real time observation "above and behind" a house.

The second test mission of the QRO-UAV is : Above and Behind the house...



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Below, some photos extracted from the real time video sent to my HID...

Tests results : It is interesting to notice that the QRO has a silent flight and a low visual signature. In spite of some walkers in the park only very few of them have noticed its flight....

The second mission of the QRO v3.0 has been successful, the UAV has been able to maintain a stable position above the roof. Moreover a red car in motion behind the house has been seen by the QRO-UAV in spite of the fact that it was hidden to the pilot...

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