The Field Effect Propulsion may open a Gateway towards the deepspace....

The Serrano's Field Propulsion Thruster v1.0

The SFPT v1.0 : Tests and measurements

The NASA Two Dimensional Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster

The Lifter Project

The Lafforgue's Field Propulsion Thruster

Experiment on Vector Potential

The Aquino' System-G, an Antigravity Breakthrough ?

Interesting Web links :

Propulsive effect on two capacitors driven by asymmetrical pulses

The Stavros' Circular Transmission line experiment

The Stavros' RF Pendulum experiment

The new Enhanced Stavros' RF pendulum design

Tests reports about the new Stavros' model "B"

The Stavros' wooden balance apparatus for the model "B"

Reference documents by Stavros G. Dimitriou :

Radiation Phenomena of Specially shaped Current Pulses

Efforts in developing upward and directional thrust

Propulsive effect on a massive plane capacitor driven by slope-asymmetric pulses

Propellant-less Electromagnetic Propulsion

On the pendulum oscillations of a suspended RF resonant circuit

A Positive Weight Reduction Effect

The Gravity Shielding experiment from Chris Hardeman

Web links :

Electrogravitational mechanics by Jerry Bayles

Inertial Propulsion experiments by JL Naudin


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