The Gravity Shielding Experiment from Chris Hardeman
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Courtesy of Chris Hardeman
created on February 4th, 2001 - JLN Labs - February 26th, 2001

Sujet : Barbury Gravity Shielding Test Shows Positive Weight Reduction Effect
Date : 08/01/01 02:14:49
From:    Chris Hardeman

Barbury Gravity Shielding Test Shows Positive Weight Reduction Effect

A triangular coupled three spherical cavity resonator powered by a 2.45 GHz microwave oven magnetron has been constructed  and initial tests conducted to see how standing wave resonance forced into a circular fashion about an object interacts with gravity.  Test results strongly indicates gravity shielding effect are occurring.  No less then ten consecutive runs showed weight loss as measured in the rise of  the corner of the devise. Balance beam compensation was used to adjust an initial weight of the corner. The corner rose in the run mode when power was applied to the magnetron. Static charge was guarded against using a grounding strap to earth on the far end.  The magnetron was cooled continually with a downward air stream thus ensuring no convection air currents would interfere during testing. Run times were keep short in duration (<20 seconds ) to minimize magnetron heating and consequence thermal influence in weight reductions.  Temperature in the test area was heated to 80*F reducing temperature gradients between the room air and  the test apparatus. I can say very confidently that as soon as the power was applied and the magnetron kicked in (about 3 seconds) the weight reduction effect was visible as the counter balanced corner of the apparatus  rose immediately upward. As soon as power was disconnected the effect disappeared. The cooling fan was left running continually while the magnetron was powered on and off.  Maximum rise height was only   to inch yet yielded proof that weight reduction was occurring and should be studied further. A picture of the apparatus and balance system is included for reference.

A 35 mm Photograph of Device ( Photo courtesy of Chris Hardeman ) :
(Upper left:  Balance Arm)  (Right:  Tesla Coils & Van de Graff <not used>)

Best Regards

Chris Hardeman

Full infos about the Gravity Shielding experiment conducted by Chris Hardeman on January 6th, 2001, can be found at :

Detailled diagrams of the Hardeman's Gravity Shielding experiments :

Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : I am very grateful to Chris Hardeman for his help and his patience during the design phase of all the diagrams published above.

Sujet : [jlnlabs] Barbury Gravity Shield Post update
Date : 02-08-01 06:59:30
From:    Chris Hardeman

Barbury Gravity Shield Post update Feb 7 :

Dear members,
I have updated my web site with the information presented below.

Due to the huge response and interest in the project, several questions have been raised about the effect and its meaning. A few things need to be clarified.  First, let me stressed that this experiment has not to date been replicated by anyone else or to my knowledge. Every possible effort has been made in these tests to eliminate potential sources of error.

In these tests and subsequent ones I should point out that the grounding strap was not necessary as no static voltages are produced. Likewise, a null response in testing  for magnetic field interference was observed during tests using several types of navigational compass place in different locations. Buoyancy and thermal interference's can be ruled out as the cause of the effects as the device never gets hot. No cold type plasma effects are seen either.  Some radio interference is observed, however it appears to be due mostly to the power supply and feed used  in the experiments. 

The weight loss is consistent in  tests performed back to back with <5 seconds between them.  No lateral motions are produced during these test while the device has unrestricted lateral movement. No jets of gas, steam, or sudden air movements are produced or in evidence.

The device simply loses weight that apparently can not be accounted for in a conventional sense.

You may see this at

Best Regards-
Chris Hardeman

Sujet : Photo-gravity effect
Date : 02-26-01 03:19:55
From:    Chris Hardeman

Dear Jean-Louis,

While thinking about Fran de Aquino’s equations in his paper , "The Correlation Between Gravitation and Electromagnetism, Inertia and Unification"  found at;   the following thought occurred to me.  A simple and easy test of his basic theory can be performed by radiating a piece of Phosphorescence plastic (my daughter has in her bedroom four inch plastic stars that she had placed around about) with light and measure the gravitational mass change with a balance or scale. This would prove his basic premises and it would be easy to do.  I took  three plastic stars from her bedroom and stacked them on top of each other, placing them on a Ohaus "Cent  O Gram" , hanging pan balance with a 0.01 gram readability.

Once the balance was stable I switched on the famous black-light ( UV ) and the sample instantly became lighter. The weight change is undeniable and inexplicable without Aquino’s theory.  The effect last only as long as the light is on and disappears quickly when switched off. 

This effect I have dubbed "The Aquino/ Hardeman Photo-gravity effect" in honor of its discovery." 

You may see the above at :

Best Regards-
Chris Hardeman

For more informations, I suggest you to visit the Chris Hardeman web site is at :

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