The Enhanced Stavros' RF pendulum
An electromagnetic interaction with the gravity field
Courtesy of Dimitriou Stavros
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on September 3rd, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update September 17th, 2000

You will find below an enhanced design about the RF pendulum apparatus from Dimitriou Stavros. The purpose of this new design is to improve significantly the resulting upward lifting force on the apparatus. The VHF oscillator used is the model v3.0 based on the original Stavros' circuit.

<<Now, If you turn the lines by 90 degrees at the end, so that each loop plane is horizontal rather than vertical, you might measure still better results. The turning of (all) the loops increases the horizontal projection of the current vectors and theoretically increases thrust, to the extent that the adjacent opposite current line sections do not deteriorate the circuit tank Q appreciably.>> say Dimitriou Stavros

Test RUN #6 ( 09-17-00 ) : The tuning of this new setup has been a bit more difficult, the Q factor ( the Quality factor ) of the transmission line was low ( Q factor measured = 4.7 ) and thus the BD827 transistor warmed up quickly.

So, the pendulum variation measured was null ( see the scope picture below ):

With this test setup, NO change in the pendulum period has been measured and thus the delta-g was zero,
this was due to the low Q factor of the 1/4 wavelength transmission lines.

After some investigations, I have concluded that one of the major parameter is the Q factor of the tank circuit. So, I have decided to rebuild a new tank circuit with copper wires ( previously I had used Nickel wires ) and brass for the mounting base for reducing the resistance of the circuit and thus increasing its Q factor.

Dimitriou Stavros has given me some very helpfull advices and he has also suggested me to update the setup of the 1/4 waves transmission lines with a new design, see : A new RF pendulum model

I am very grateful to Dimitriou Stavros for his support and the helpful advices which he has given to me for a successful replication of this experiment.

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