The Stavros' RF pendulum experiment
An electromagnetic interaction with the gravity field
Courtesy of Dimitriou Stavros
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on September 3rd, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update September 16th, 2000

This experiment has been done successfully by Dimitriou Stavros from the TEI-Athens, Dept. of Electrical Engineering in Greece.

" On the pendulum oscillations of a suspended RF resonant circuit " by Stavros G. Dimitriou
<< Abstract : The period of the pendulum oscillations of a suspended electromagnetic resonant circuit formed by quarter-wavelength transmission line sections is found to be affected by electrical parameters of the oscillator driving it. Of particular influence appears to the magntitude of current at resonance, which depends on the effective quality factor (Q) of the RF tank circuit and the input driving power. >>

Stavros has said in his paper that " The maximum equivalent reduction of g locally is calculated to -1.3% " :
<< Conclusion : A gravity - interacting field can be generated electromagnetically and used to reduce the gravity vector locally. Its implementation uses the horizontal projections of electric currents, intensified through almost conventional RF techniques. >>

The full Stavros' paper can be found in the Jerry Bayles web site :

Above, the original diagram of the RF oscillator used by Dimitriou Stavros in his experiment

Test RUN #5 ( 09-14-00 ) : I have tried to be closer to the original Stavros' circuit ( above ). My circuit uses a BD827 transistor :

BD 827 specs : VCB max=60V, VCEmax=60V, VEB=5V, IC max 1A, P.Tot=8WC, hf=40/400 ( Ic=150mA) (NPN)
BD 139 specs : VCB max=80V, VCEmax=80V, VEB=5V, IC max 1A, P.Tot=12WC, hf=40/160 ( Ic=150mA) (NPN)
2N2219 specs : VCB max=60V, VCEmax=30V, VEB=5V, IC max 800mA, P.Tot=800MWF, hf=100MN ( Ic=150mA) (NPN)

The resonance frequency measured is about 83 MHz..

A field stength meter is required for the tuning of the 1/4 wavelength transmission line at the resonance frequency.
The P1 potentiometer must be adjusted so that the power output measured by this meter is maximum.

You may notice, in the upper scope signal, that when the transmission line is energized by the RF power,
this generates EMI noise superimposed to the pulse coming from the opto-coupler.

An interesting wave pattern measured at 1 meter far from the EM tank circuit.

Above, the latest design with a BD139 and a VK200 as mentionned in the original Stavros' diagram

I am very grateful to Dimitriou Stavros for his support and the helpful advices which he has given to me for a successful replication of this experiment.

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