The System-G from Fran De Aquino
Engineering the device...

Courtesy of Fran De Aquino and Steve Burns

created on March 17th, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update April 14th, 2000

The System-G experiment has been performed successfuly by Fran De Aquino on January 27th, 2000 at the Physics Department of Maranhao State University in Brazil.

In the System-G torus, the ELF energy generated by the dipole antenna must be fully absorbed the atoms of the annealed iron lamina. The ELF energy is done by this equation below :

The curve below, shows that a System-G weight ( 35 Kg ) can be nullified at 60Hz with a current of 400 Ampere.

The use of the power grid for the basic System-G experiment has been conducted easily by using the power grid frequency ( 60 Hz, in Brazil ), this was energy consumming ( about 11 KW ). But for improving the efficiency of the whole apparatus, Power Input Vs weight lifted, its seems much adapted to use a lower frequency than previously for the ELF signal as shown on the table below :

You notice that, to levitate a 100 Kg weight apparatus,
at 60 Hz we need 61 KW and for the same results,
only 632 W is required at 1 Hz.

You may notice on the diagram above that only 1460 Watts are required to levitate 50 Kg at a frequency of 5 Hz...

The plot above, shows the phase velocity reduced wavelength for an ELF antenna
in seawater (published by the US Navy in 1960's), in air and also in a pure iron powder (for the System-G).

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