The System-G equations solver

v 1.05 - by J-L Naudin

Created on 03/28/00 - JLN Labs - last update on 04/16/00

Notes : You must have the JavaScript enabled in your Internet browser. This very helpful tool will allow you to find quickly the good setup for building your own System-G. You need only to enter the specifications of your components in the green areas and the solver will give you the calculated values in the red areas. The preset values are the parameters used by Fran De Aquino during his historical System-G experiment on January 27th, 2000 ( see the System-G experiment ), so you will able to check by yourself that the calculated values are close to the experimental values measured by Fran De Aquino.

When all your parameters are entered, you need only to press the "Calculate" button . To restart again the calculation, the "Restore" button will reset all the datas fields to their initial values.

Good Engineering,

Jean-Louis Naudin

relative permitivity () :(b)
relative permeability ():
conductivity ((S/m))____:(d)

Antenna current ( A )__ :(e)
Antenna wire diam ( mm ):

relative permitivity ()__ :(g)
relative permeability ()__:(h)
conductivity ((S/m)) _____:(i)
density ( kg.m-3) _________ :(j)
atomic weight (kg) ________ :(k)
atomic radius (empir.) (pm)_:(l)
atomic radius (calc.) (pm)__:(m)
material purity (%)_________:(n)

Shield thickness ( mm ):(o)
Torus big diam.( mm )__:(p)
Torus small diam.( mm ):(q)

ELF Phase velocity:
Reduced Wavelength:

Antenna size correction factor:(s)
The antenna size correction factor is set so that the calculated reduced wavelength above matches exactly the real ELF antenna length below (i.e: 14.9 m * 0.805 = 12 m ).

Real ELF antenna length _____:

Antenna radiation resistance_:
Antenna ohmic resistance ____:

Antenna radiated power ______:
Antenna Efficiency __________:
Power input _________________:

Attenuation constant_________:
Absorbtion coefficient_______:
Incident rad.pwr on the atom :
Radiation power density _____:
ELF energy absorbed _________:


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