The WFC BOOSTER (Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell)
The saison 2 of the project GEGENE (Great Efficiency GENErator)...
created on december 28, 2012 - JLN Labs - last update february 7, 2013
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This is the following of the GEGENE project which uses the interesting characteristicss of a falt bifilar Tesla coil with an induction cooker as a High Frequency and High Power generator. TThe main specification of the GEGENE (Great Efficiency GENErator) is that it uses a BIFILAR PANCAKE COIL patented by Nikolas TESLA in 1894 in the patent N° 512,340. In the GEGENE the flat bifilar coil is electromagnetically coupled with the main flat coil of the induction cooker and acts as the secundary coil for the output. The driving and the controlling are fully done by the main electronic controller of the induction cooker itself. So, no special electronic equipment or laboratory measurement tools are required here to succeed in this experiment. You need only : an induction cooker (for less than 50€), a dual flexible wire (speaker wire or grid wire) and some electrical connectors and plugs...

Introducing the WFC Booster project

The main purpose of the WFC Booster is trying to generate efficiently, and with a great amount, a HHO gaz (a stoechiometric mixture) which can be used as an alternative fuel. The process used here is based on the WFC (Water Fuel Cell) invented by Stanley Meyer in 1990 and which consist to broke the water molecule by a parametric elongation of the hydrogen-oxygen bond.This parametric elongation of the water molecule, according to the Stanley Meyer principle, is done by using High Voltage nano pulses at high frequency accross a cylindrical capacitor immersed in water. The main particularity of the Stanley Meyer's WFC is that it uses the ordinary tap water without any add of electrolyt like a common electrolyser. Below some pages of the initial Stanley Meyer patent which shows the working principle of the Water Fuel Cell :

The last update from february 7, 2013

TEST-S02EP01 : The "proof of concept" experiment of the WFC Booster with the GEGENE
TEST-S02EP02 : SUCCESSFUL replications of the HHO generator and the Water Fuel Cell by WOOPY
TEST-S02EP03 : Test of the Water Fuel Cell with PURE OSMOSED WATER and the GEGENE v3.0
TEST-S02EP04 : Electrical measurements on the Water Fuel Cell with pure osmosed water
TEST-S02EP05 : The Water Fuel Cell tested with the Stanley Meyer's VIC pulsed signal...
TEST-S02EP06 : Improvement of the parametric wave measured accross the WFC

Here a a full video of the WFC Booster in action

Here a CLOSE VIEW of the WFC Booster in Action

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