TEST-S02E04 : Electrical measurements on the Water Fuel Cell with pure osmosed water
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created on december 28, 2012 - JLN Labs - last update january 28, 2013
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January 28, 2013 - TESTS02E04 : The WFC is filled in this test with pure osmosed water (equivalent to distilled water). So, the water used is not electrically conductive and can be compared to a dielectric. In this test, the DC pulsed voltage and the current are measured accross the input of the WFC, just after the fast switching diode HFA25PB60. The voltage accross the WFC is measured with the scope proble Ch1 (X10) and the current is computed by measuring the voltage accross a 0.1 Ohm non inductive metal resistor 10W Mundorf MR10 via the scope probe Ch2 (X10). The sampling rate of the digital oscilloscope is set to 100 MSa/sec. The measurements datas are sent to a PC and then computed on Octave (an Opensource of MatLab) with the power_calc v1.02 software.

The electrical characteristics of the Water Fuel Cell filled with a pure osmosed water are measured with a digital multimeter.

Below the setup of the TEST-S02E04 :

Here is the signal measured accross the WFC.

The input power of the induction cooker is measured with a Wattmeter Energy Logger 4000F directly on the power grid.

Below, the scope datas computed with GNU Octave 3.2.4 (freeware and full compatible version of MATLAB)

And the full computed datas from the measurements with an input power of 1004 Watt :

You may download
my full PowerCalc v1.02 software with the scope datas used in this test, HERE

Under Octave launch power_calc

Commentaires : The use of pure osmosed water without electrolyte (not electrically conductible) is very important here, this has allowed to remove completly the HHO generation by electrolysis. The WFC is a water capacitor, in this test it consumes too much current due to its impedance Vs the pulsed current. During long duration tests (>6min) the WFC begins to heat up and thus, this confirms this fact. The effect discovered by Stanley Meyer seems really present here, because the pure osmosed water is splitted.

The High Voltage pulse sent by the induction cooker accross the WFC via the flat bifilar coil need to be optimized so as to reduce the current. I think that the WFC must be used as a capacitor in a resonant RLC type circuit like the Meyer's VIC original circuit...

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