TEST-S02E03 : Test of the Meyer's Water Fuel Cell (WFC) with pure osmosed water
The saison 2 of the Projet GEGENE (Great Efficiency GENErator)...
created on december 28, 2012 - JLN Labs - last update january 27, 2013
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January 27, 2013 - TESTS02E03 : Here is a very interesting test which tends to proof the working principle of the Water Fuel Cell invented by Stanley Meyer. The purpose of this test is to completly remove the electrolyse effect and keep only the parametrical elongation effect of the water molecule as writen by Stanley Myer in his patent. The WFC is filled in this test with pure osmosed water (equivalent to distilled water). So, the water used is not electrically conductive and can be compared to a dielectric. If, in this case, the HHO gaz is produced, this can only be done with the Stanley Meyer's principle : by using the cracking of the water molecule produced by the parametrical elongation of the hydrogen-oxygen covalent bound (see below) :

The electrical characteristics of the Water Fuel Cell filled with a pure osmosed water are measured with a digital multimeter.

The High Frequency is rectified via an ultra fast HFA25PB60 diode so as to produce High Frequency DC pulses accross the WFC.

Here the setup of the TEST-S02E03 :

So as to get the High Voltage pulses required for the optimal working of the WFC, I have built a new flat bifilar Tesla coil for the GEGENE.

Below, the construction details of this flat bifilar Tesla coil (GEGENE v3.0). The wire used is a common grid wire (double wires) wired on a 1mm thick wooden plate. The wounds are verticaly glued with cyanoacrylate.

Below, the High Voltage DC pulses measured accross the WFC.

As soon as the induction cooker is started, a great amount of HHO (stoechiometric mixture of Di-Hydrogen and Di-Oxygen gaz) is quickly produced.

Here a CLOSE VIEW of the WFC in Action filled with pure osmosed water

Comments : The use of pure osmosed water without electrolyte (not electrically conductible) is very important here, this has allowed to remove completly the HHO generation by electrolysis and the Joule losses. It is interesting to notice that during this test, the pure water of the WFC and the Tesla flat coil have never heated up. The flow of HHO gaz observed is similar to the amount with ordinary tap water without electrolyte (TEST-S02E01). The water molecule cracking seems to be the result of the split of the covalent hydrogen-oxygen bound according to the discovery of Stanley Meyer...

Here is a full video of the WFC tested with pure osmosed water

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