The Newman's Energy Machine

By JL Naudin/M.David

created on 07/03/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 07/09/98

07-09-98 - The entropy changes while the Machine runs, a COOLING effect has been observed...

The purpose of this test is to check some eventual changes in the entropy of the Newman's Machine.

I have used a dual probes digital thermometer (resolution 0.1 degree Celsius) :
- The first temperature probe has been used as reference for the lab temp (21.5 degrees Celsius)
- The second temperature probe has been glued directly on the Newman's coil.
I have waited one hour before starting the test for equalizing the temperatures ( LabTemp = 21.5 degrees, Coil Temp = 21.5 degrees)

The test has been conducted during one hour.

During all the test phase, the lab temperature was
constant (21.5 degrees). The observation of the Newman's Machine and the collect of the temperature datas has been done at a distance at least of 2 meters for avoiding any change in the surrounding of the experiment.

The Newman's machine has been stopped after the test (a 60 mn run) and 15 mn after the temperatures were EQUALIZED AGAIN at 21.5 degrees. This confirms the cooling effect observed in spite of the mechanical work generated and the joules' effect dissipated in the coil.

The rotation speed was 286 RPM and the coil voltage used 626 V
The differential voltages I/O measured on the "
current control flow bridge" were 32V (Input) and 88V (Output) accross the 2uF cap with my new fast HV diodes.

A cooling effect explanation ? by Tim Vaughan

Some Newman's Machine Keys (updated 06-27-98)

More to come soon....

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