The Newman's Energy Machine

By JL Naudin/M.David

created on 07/03/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 07/03/98

07-02-98 - Measuring the CURRENT FLOW ( Positive current (Input) Vs Negative current (Output))

The purpose of this test is to check if the measurements previously done with the oscilloscope about the current I/O flow (Negative and Positive currents) can be confirmed with the use of a simple digital multimeter (DVM).

For this test, I have built a special SHUNT with 1 meter of copper wire wound in zigzag for avoiding some inductive effects. I have used high speed schottky diodes and the signal has been integrated with 2 uF capacitors. An 1 Mohm resistor can also be added in parallel with each capacitor, these resistors arefacultative because the internal resistance of the DVM is sufficient in this case. ( see the main diagram of this test above )

The power supply voltage is 626 Volt and the Machine turns at 385 RPM. So, as you can see in the pictures above the measured voltage OUTPUT (the integrated Output current ) is GREATER than the measured voltage INPUT ( the integrated Input current ). This confirms the measurements that I have conducted previously with my oscilloscope.

Additional Notes: You must use a very low resistive shunt for a successful test result.
I have used 2uF NP capacitors (2% accuracy). I have also checked the asymetrical effect due to the eventual capacity difference by swapping the Input and Output ( the I/O measurement bridge has been rotated of 180 degree. I have also swapped the DVM. The RESULT WAS THE SAME. (Output>Input)
This is a kind of INTEGRATOR which adds all spikes ( positive or negative for each branch), the resistance in parallel is the DVM high internal resistance, if I put a 100 kohms resistor in parallel with each capacitor, the average DC drops at about 2V, but with the same asymmetrical effect, Out > In.
This I/O bridge measurement setup works also with a simple resistive rectilinear wire ( 0.1 ohm). The I/O measurement bridge has been put close to the Newman's machine only for the photo. In the real measurement I have also checked the influence of the rotating magnet and the RF induction effect by putting the bridge up to 1 meter far from the Newman's Machine.

The I/O Flow testing has also been tested with two analog voltmeters (Metrix) connected instead of the previous digital multimeters. This test also confirms the asymmetrical I/O flow of the current.

The entropy changes while the Machine runs, a COOLING effect has been observed...

Some Newman's Machine Keys (updated 06-27-98)

More to come soon....

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