The Delayed Lenz Effect
created on february 9, 2013 - JLN Labs - last update april 30, 2013
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The last update from april 30, 2013

Here is a new serie of experiments dedicated to the exploration of the Delayed Lenz Effect applied to solid state devices (special transformers) or to motors/generators : It has been observed by many inventors, researchers and experimenters that in some cases the Lenz Law about the electromagnetic induction is able to produce an overunity effect. The Delayed Lenz Law is used in some cases of motors such as Adams, Bedini, Troy reed, Thane C.Heins..motors and in the Tariel Kapanadze solid state generator and many others... So, I am trying to reproduce some experiments so as to explore deeply this interesting Delayed Lenz Effect on electromagnetic devices.

How the Delayed Lenz Effect (DLE) can be observed ?

The Regenerative Acceleration Effect from Thane C. Heins

The Zastarinina Transformer

Explorations and experiments on the Delayed Lenz Effect

DLE-TEST18 : Harnessing the Delayed Lenz Effect with the Tests Bench DLE-TB v1

DLE-TEST19 : The BARKHAUSEN EFFECT experiment with the Tests Bench DLE-TB v1


DLE-TEST21 : Solid State Delayed Lenz Effect in laminated steel core proved with the VRM

DLE-TEST22 : The APMC v1.0 (Arduino Pulsed Motor Controller) a very useful tool for testing

DLE-TEST23 : Regenerative Charging test with the Adams's motor piloted by the APMC v1.0

DLE-TEST24 : Regenerative Loading with the Adams's motor piloted by the APMC v1.0

DLE-TEST25 : Regenerative Loading with the John Bedini's unipolar motor piloted by the APMC v1.0b

DLE-TEST26 : REGENERATIVE BATTERY CHARGING effect with the John Bedini's unipolar motor

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