DLE-TEST25 : Regenerative Loading with the J. Bedini's unipolar motor piloted by the APMC v1.0b
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April 29, 2013 - DLE-TEST25 : Here is a test of the unipolar (North pole) motor invented by John Bedini and piloted by the APMC (Arduino Pulsed Motor Controller) v1.0b. A LED Spot of 24 Leds (1.6W/12V) is only powered by the Back EMF pulses from the motor coil. A PC computer is connected via the USB port of the Arduino Mega 2560 board, the telemetry datas (time base, RPM, pulses delay and pulses duration, user datas and computed datas...) are displayed on the computer and also on the LCD screen of the APMC. When the motor is loaded the input power drops dramatically and the RPM speed is doubled.

Here is the configuration of the test :

Below the detailled diagram of the APMC and its control board :

Below a detailled photo of the Bedini's unipolar motor.

A double fast switching HFA25PB60 diode and a filtering capacitor is connected the load.

A High Power and High Voltage fast-switching IRFP450 MosFet transistor MosFet rapide (Haute Tension) controlling the motor is coupled to the Arduino Mega2560 micro-controller via a 4n25 optocoupler.

When the LOAD IS CONNECTED the RPM speed is DOUBLED and the INPUT POWER DROPS dramatically.

Below, the motor running without load :

Below, the motor running with a 2 W load at the output :

The DC OUTPUT POWER flowing through the SPOT LED has been measured and checked with a Wattmeter (below, it is 2.3 Watts) :

Here are the measurements of the INPUT DC voltage and current with and without the output load (the spot LED) :

Below the full video of the Bedini's unipolar motor test under load and piloted with the APMC v1.0b

he firmware of the APMC v1.0b can be downloaded at : http://jlnlab-tools.googlecode.com/files/APMCv1b.zip

The full source code is released in Open Source under GNU licence and can be displayed at :


Technical documents :

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