DLE-TEST14 : FLUX HARVESTING tested on the Regenerative Acceleration Generator v1.4
created on february 9, 2013 - JLN Labs - last update march 13, 2013
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I am very gratefull to Thane C. Heins for his encouragements and his very helpfull technical support
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March 13, 2013 - DLE-TEST14 : In the previous test DLE-TEST13 on the RAG v1.4 (Regenerative Acceleration Generator) with its two regenerative coils (Regen), it has been observed that THE REGENERATIVE ACCELERATION EFFECT IS CUMULATIVE : the higher the number of loaded Regen Coils connected is, the more the RPM of the RAG increases and the more the input DC current drops (with a constant DC input voltage...). Applying a suggestion from Thane C. Heins, I have conducted an interesting measurement to highlight a very special feature of the ReGenX that he has named "the Flux Harvesting". This "Flux Harvesting" feature of the ReGenX produces an increase of the OUTPUT POWER on the 2nd Regen coil when the 1st Regen coil is loaded while at the same time the RPM speed of the RAG increases and the input DC power drops. The RAG v1.4 is a replication of the Thane C. Heins' ReGenX of Potential Difference Inc. Canada.

Below the test setup used for the TEST-DLE13 :

In this test, I have used the same test setup than in the test DLE-TEST13. I have only replaced the 0.1 Ohm resistor connected on the 2nd Regen coil by a digital ammeter. So, the load current flowing in the 2nd Regen coil can be easily measured in real time with various loading setups.

TESTS RESULTS on the RAG v1.4 :

The REGENERATIVE ACCELERATION EFFECT is still present in this setup when the two Regen coils are sequentially loaded. We can observe that the OUTPUT CURRENT flowing in the 2nd Regen coil increases when the Regen coil N°1 is loaded, while at the same time the RPM speed of the RAG increases and the DC input power drops.

The "flux harvesting" feature from Thane C. Heins is really present here in this test.

Below the video of the "Flux Harvesting" feature tested on the RAG v1.4

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Documents and references (courtesy of Thane C. Heins CEO of PDI Canada ) :

Look at the demonstration of the "Flux Harvesting" feature done by Thane C. Heins, see the video at 02:46



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