Onboard Video camera with the QRO v2.1

created on december 28, 2006 - JLN Labs - Last update February 23, 2007
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Click here to download this video above in ( 12 Mb, WMV format )

A new digital camera Nikon Coolpix S9 (6.1 Mpixels CCD) has been installed on the QRO v2.1 and used as a video recorder.
The setup used for the video record was 640x480 (Clip TV 640) at 30 fps.

Click here to download another onboard video recorded (16 Mb)

Weather conditions : Wind ( 15 km/h ), with Gusts at 20 km/h, temperature 8 °C.

There was windy conditions and it is interesting to observe in the video recorded
how the onboard QRO firmware was able to steer automatically the MAV during gusts.
In a future version of the QRO, I shall use an gyroscopic stabilisation of the digital camera.

Below, some photos from the on board video

BONUS: The QRO for the FMS simulator

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