Full HID training flights with a RP-UAV

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The purpose of these serie of tests is to train myself to perform full flights (from the take-off to the full landing) with a RP-UAV. The HID setup will be soon used for the Quad Rotor Observer (QRO).

A 2.4 Ghz high resolution CPcam Sony CCD video camera (500x582) is mounted on my electric powered RP-UAV. The video is sent to my HID (Helmet Integrated Display) equiped with High Resolution LCD glasses fixed on the helmet. The RP-UAV is self-stabilised with a high performance auto-pilot and it is fully capable of self landing procedures. Today, I have done successfully a lot of flights with a such HID setup in various weather conditions : winds up to 30 Km/h gusting at 40 Km/h, cross wind landings, foggy weather...

See below by yourself a video sample of a full HID flights with my RP-UAV....

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Click here to download this short video above ( 10 Mb, WMV format )

Click here to download a big video of a HID flight ( 55 Mb, WMV format )

This is a really exciting experience, the HID flights are nearly close to a flight of a real plane. The auto-pilot is a very helpfull tool for accurate and secure flights. The self-landing capability of the RP-UAV in various weather conditions (strong wind, cross wind, gusts, fog...) is really impressive...

QRO-UAV Mission 1 : Bridge inspection (VIDEO)

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