Affichage Tête Haute avec Pilote Automatique
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The ATH-PA ( Afficheur Tête Haute ) or HUD ( Head Up Display ) is one of the most important tool for the UAV pilot. The ATH system can be fully integrated in the pilot helmet or in the ground station. In this new version v3.0 of the ATH-PA, there is an Auto-Pilot: the onboard micro-controller (MCU) is able to steer the UAV according to a stored flight plan. All the GPS datas and the flight video are sent in real time to the ground station. At any time during an autonomous flight mission, the pilot is able to switch off the Auto-Pilot from UAV mode (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) to RPV mode (Remote Piloted Vehicle) so as to retreive the full control of the aircraft. This new version is a major step in the ATH project compared to the previous version v2.3.

ATH firmware - versions History

V 1.0 : First try with OSD
V 1.1 : Working version with correct GPS data on screen, 1 frame each 6 sec
V 2.0 : Improved NMEA Packed handling - tested in flight on GPS route
V 2.1 : Bigger characters on OSD screen, 1 frame each 4 sec
V 2.2 : Increase speed of NMEA parsing, 1 frame each 2 sec
V 2.3 : Adding Bearing to dest and X-track at the bottom
V 2.4 : Correcting a minor bug about the range to dest decimal numbers
V 3.0 : Full AUTO-PILOT capabilities

You will find below the detailled informations sent in real time to the ground station and displayed on the HUD :

If the video doesn't start itself, click on the "Refresh" button on your internet browser

Click here to download the short video above ( 12 Mb)

Click here to download the full video of the UAV flight in high quality ( 71 Mo )

Below, some screens from the UAV flight during a full and autonomous flight.

The ATH-PA v3.0 has been also tested in bad weather conditions and poor visibility...

Below, the video of one test flight in IMC conditions with the ATH-PA

Click on the picture to download the video (30 Mb)

Comments : The ATH-PA is still under developpement, some improvements are soon planed for increasing the performance, the frame rate of the GPS datas and the accuracy of the autonomous UAV flight...

Stay tuned...

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