The Pico-Lifter : Towards a High Density cellular structure
by Jean-Louis Naudin
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created on March 10, 2003 - JLN Labs - Last update March 12, 2003
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The Pico-Lifter is a very small Lifter structure ( 10 mm wide ). This is, today, the worldwide smalest Lifter. The purpose is to test the eletrokinetic effect on a very small cell and at low voltage for building a High Density cellular structure ( Lifter-Cell ) for the Lifter-Craft engine.

Above : The Pico-Lifter construction and its size compared to a coin of 1 Euro

Pico-Lifter specifications
  • Aluminum armature : 10 mm wide, 5 mm height ( 12µm thick)

  • Wire : 5/100 mm diameter enameled copper wire

  • Gap : 6 mm

  • Working Voltage : About 4 KV DC


The Pico-Lifter works very well at about 4KV DC as shown in the photos below :

Click here to see a 3D analglyph picture

See the test of the Pico-Lifter in action

To see the video, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required
You may download free the RealPlayer 8 Basic at :

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 583 Kb )

Comments : The test of the Pico-Lifter test shows that it seems possible to use a honeycomb structure for building a high density Lifter-Cell.

Above, an animated video of the experiment.

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