The Lifter-Cell concept: Towards modular thrusters...
By Jean-Louis Naudin
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created on January 27th, 2003 - JLN Labs - Last update January 28th, 2003
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The Lifter-Cell v1.0 introduces the concept of modular thrusters. All the previous tests that I have conducted about the Lifter have fully proved that a Lifter can be easily scaled up ( i.e. see the Lifter " Maximus ][ " ).

So, I have decided to build a new modular design, the Lifter-Cell, which must :

  1. have a very simple shape ( squared ),

  2. be easily and quickly built,

  3. have a light weight,

  4. be easily assembled into large modules so as to build big thrusters pannels which can be used for flying craft design.

The Lifter-Cell v1.0 design and its evolutions are shown below :

When the HV power supply is swiched on, the Lifter -Cell v1.0 goes upward quickly and remains very stable.

The Lifter-Cell specifications
  • Size : 200 x 200 mm,

  • Aluminum armature : 12 µm thick and 20 mm height,

  • Thin coper wire : 1/10 mm diameter.

  • Gap between electrodes : 35 mm.

  • Total height : 55 mm

  • Lifter-Cell weight ( without payload ) : 5 g

Voltage ( DC, not pulsed )


HV Power

21 KV

0.55 mA

11.5 W

See the video of the Lifter-Cell in action

To see the video, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required
You may download free the RealPlayer 8 Basic at :

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 864 Kb )

Now, the Lifter-Cell v1.0 introduces the concept of Modular Thrusters...

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