The Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Apparatus v1.1

Tests and design by Jean-Louis Naudin

created on 11-26-97 - JLN Labs - last update on 11-26-97

Dr Mason Rose, one of Townsend's colleagues, described the discs' principle of operation as follows:

<<The saucers made by Brown have no propellers, no jets, no moving parts at all. They create a modification of the gravitational field around themselves, which is analogous to putting them on the incline of a hill. They act like a surfboard on a wave....The electro-gravitational saucer creates its own "hill", which is a local distortion of the gravitational field, then it takes this "hill" with it in any choosen direction and at any rate.

The occupants of one of Brown's saucers would feel no stress at all, no matter how sharp the turn or how great the acceleration. This is because the ship and the occupants and the load are responding equally to the wave like distortion of the local gravitational field....>>

( ref document : Rose M. "The flying saucer : The application of the Biefeld-Brown effect to the solution of the problems of space navigation." University for Social Research, April 8, 1952)

Upper fixing details

Lower HV contacts details

Download the complete VIDEO DEMONSTRATION of the T.T.Brown device in Real Video file, ( if you don't have the RealPlayer 5.0, you may download it freely at : )

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