John Bedini's Magnetic Gate Experiment

Design and Construction

by Jean-Louis Naudin

Parts needed :

- a plastic box 100 mm diameter, 40 mm height,

- 10 ferrite magnets 25x40x10 for building the Magnetic Gate

- 1 cylindrical magnet 10 mm diameter, 60 mm long for the magnetic probe ( Poles MUST BE on axis )

- 35 g of copper (additional load ) max diameter 10mm, for the test of magnetic force.

- a transparent thin but rigid plastic sheet for making guide tube.

Contruction steps :

a) build a 12 mm x 200 mm long cylinder with the plastic transparent sheet

b) glue the 10 magnets inside the 100x40 platic box with NORTH poles facing INWARD (see diagram below)

c) put and glue the 10x200mm tube in the center of magnetic gate as shown on the diagram below.

That's ALL !!!!


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