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11:52 AM
Subject: The R8 radial EHD engine
mcpherbn@mail.austasia.net (Neil McPherson)

Dear Jean Louis.

Here are the photos and some technical informations on the R8 radial EHD engine. It has 8/6 cm aluminium foil cones attached around a central hub. The outside diameter of the engine is 28cm. The R8 travels at approx .7 metres per second. Lightweight construction materials used are plastic drinking cups for the Hub, plastic drinking straws for the shaft and struts, aluminium foil for the cone shaped positive electrode, and 3mm magnesium strips for the negative or earthed electrodes attached to the cones by cardboard. The 8 positive cones are fed power from a single point on the shaft at the rear. The 8 negative or earthed electrodes are attached to a single poimt the front of the shaft. There is also an extra positive aluminium electrode on the Hub. Power source is 28kv from an old computer monitor. For any further technical informations, see
JLN Labs EHD engines.
Be careful when using these electrical devices.

Good experimenting

Neil McPherson

The Multiple EHD-Engines tests : The "R8 radial EHD engine" from Neil Mc Pherson
the JLN's reference experiment )

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