The EHD-Engine v1.0

By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on April 24, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update April 26, 1999

The purpose of the EHD-Engine v1.0 is to generate a thrust along its main axis, it can be used as a thruster for propulsion. The EHD-Engine is a part of my ARDA project and it will be used in my future Advanced EHD Propulsion Aircraft (AEPA).
The EHD-Engine v1.0 is composed of :
- An ogive shaped electrode made with aluminium (connected to the
positive source of the High Voltage generator (at least 25kV),
- An annular electrode (a thin copper wire connected to the
negative source of the HV (or grounded)),
- (optional) A small electrode placed at the top and on the axis is also connected to the negative source of the HV(or grounded).
- (optional) A big annular ring around the EHD-Engine which can be used for fixing the thruster to a device (a wing for instance..)

The picture below shows the equipotentials map of the E-Field, you may see the inhomogeneous E-field at the entrance of the EHD-Engine, this contributes to generate the main thrust in a medium such air or aether.

The picture below shows the map of the hydrostatic pressure produced by the EHD effect, you may see that the hydrostatic pressure in front of the engine is lower than to the back, this contributes to generate the main thrust in a medium such air or aether.

JLN's TESTS RESULTS (04-24-99) :

Experimental setup : The EHD-Engine has been suspended with a nylon tether on its center of gravity. The voltage used was 28kV, the positive HV connected to the ogival aluminum electrode. The annular ring was connected to negative pole (grounded). The apparatus was free to move along a circular path, the main axis of the EHD-Engine was tangential.

The suspension system

A full view of the EHD-Engine experimental setup.

When the High Voltage is applied on the EHD-Engine v1.0, the device moves forward by itself SILENTLY at high speed.

Latest measurements (04-25-99) :

EHD voltage : 28kV
Translation speed after 4.75 sec : 0.293m/s (1 km/h)
EHD-Engine weight: 32 g
Acceleration : 0.131 m.s-2
Air drag at 0.293m/s : 0.0475 N (K=0.3)
Speed limit in air : Vlim = 0.564 m/s ( 2 km/h)
EHD Thrurst : 0.0517N ( air drag included )

A thrust of 0.0517N = about 5 g... This is also confirmed by the vertical test...

The resulting thrust is undeniable (see the video below).

The EHD-Engine v1.0 is a simple demonstrator but it shows that the EHD propulsion is now a reality....

RealVideo of the EHD-Engine v1.0 in action

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