The ARDA Project
Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
Computer Simulations

By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on April 11, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update April 12, 1999

The purpose of this project is to build a light weight flying aircraft which uses an EHD (Electro-HydroDynamics) apparatus based on the T.T. Brown effect for reducing significantly the air drag on the wings during the fly, this will reduce the power consumption of the engines and also will improve the flight performances. I have experimented successfuly the T.T.Brown effect in a previous experiment with two rotating wings.
I have selected the
EPPLER 338 airfoil profile for the ARDA Wing, because this airfoil profile is one of the best for a flying wing. The wing surface must be covered by a thin conductive layer ( a thin aluminum sheet for instance ) and connected to the positive potential of the High Voltage Generator. A thin wire used as the negative electrode (connected to negative potential of the High Voltage Generator) must be placed just in front of the leading edge of the ARDA Wing and a above center line as shown in the diagram below.

The picture above is a computer simulation which shows the equipotential map of the E-Field around the ARDA Wing

The picture above shows the hydrostatic pressure map of the medium, induced by the non-uniform E-Field around the ARDA Wing. You may notice that the hydrostatic pressure (can be compared to aerodynamic pressure) is lower on the upper surface ( extrados ) than on the lower surface of the wing ( intrados ). This differential pressure by the EHD Effect is the direct cause of the additionnal lift of the wing. This is a static diagram, the conventional air lifting process generated by the motion of the Eppler 338 profile in the air must be added.

The diagram above shows the curve of the hydrostatic pressure above the surface of the wing along the big red line. You may see also the speed vectors ( the small blue arrows ) of the medium around the ARDA Wing. The unbalanced low pressure on wing extrados produces an additional thrust ( I have demonstrated this experimentaly with the T.T.Brown device ), so an ARDA Wing is able to create its own lifting force and its own motional force by the EHD effect...

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