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Experimenters Log Book
created on October 10th, 2001- JLN Labs
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Sujet : Lifter v3 replication 
Date : 28/03/2003 08:46:26 Paris, Madrid
De : David Clesse - Messancy (Belgium)
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hi Jean-Louis,

I just finished my last replication: the lifter v3

Here's the specs:
capacitor length: 30 cm
total wire/capacitor length: 5.40m
foil height: 38mm
air gap: 37mm
one horiz stick per capacitor.
plastic caps on vertical sticks.
26kV screen - 105kohm/10w R

The flight is very stable & the take off really strong. I didn't test its payload, but I'm planning to enlarge it, so I'll do payload tests once the next one is finished. I'm also working on an other one, a high density cell.

C U soon and... may the lifting force be with us!

David Clesse - Messancy (Belgium)

Sujet : Liftin' Away In Foothill Ranch, CA 
Date : 25/03/2003 08:07:30 Paris, Madrid
De : Chris Czernel ( Foothill Ranch, CA - USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hi Jean-Louis,

Fantastic information on your website. You've provided many people inspiration to duplicate your work, and here are my successful flight photographs. I'd also like to acknowledge Mark Tecson and his great burn-proof Vortex Lifter:

The first lifter I built was too heavy, the second shuffled around the table convincingly, the third lifted right up. It's powered by a standard 14" old moniter. It sparks quite a bit but can be configured easily because of the design.

Keep up the great work!!

-Chris Czernel
Foothill Ranch, CA

Sujet : Lifter 
Date : 18/03/2003 22:31:44 Paris, Madrid
De : Jonathan Habersztrau ( France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Ca y est,
Nous avons pu avoir à nouveau accès à la 8ème merveille du monde. Nous avons pris Photos et vidéos, mais par une mauvaise manipulation, vous pourrez le voir dans la vidéo, nous avons coupé le fil. Hum, ... bon, maladresse, ca peut arriver, la réparation est prévue demain!

Ces photos seront affichées sur le site internet du lycée, nous devons présenter le lifter au principal qui a eu des echos de la magnificence de notre travail. La veille de notre présentation, nous avons transporté tout le dispositif au lycée. L'un des examinateurs et nos professeurs ont insisté pour une démonstration en avant première qu'ils ont eu, ébahis, ils ont été cherché la responsable des TPE du lycée pour lui montrer car elle voulait elle aussi le voir.

Le jour de la pésentation, nous avons présenté un nouveau diaporama en cd1 que vous receverez. Mon professeur de Physique m'a déja demandé de fonder un club au sein du lycée et de présenter ceci au secondes spécialité Physique. J'ai d'ors et déja un projet de nouveau lifter que vous n'avez pas encore testé.

Habersztrau Jonathan

Sujet : Lifter Fun 
Date : 18/03/2003 15:47:57 Paris, Madrid
De : Scott Moeller ( Illinois - USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean-Louis:

A student group at the University of Illinois (about 10 of us) found your website and wanted to experiment.  We have an engineering open house each year, where the entire engineering camps shuts down, and student groups present their projects they have been working on.  Our group decided to enter Engineering Open House with a lifters demonstration.  Thought we would let you know that it was a great success, and everybody was most fascinated by it.  We did not have time to do more than build a few basic lifters, and demo them - however next year we would like to re-produce several of your experiments.

Funding was non-existant this year, so we used computer monitors as power supplies (surplus, cheap) - but I don't think they are quite as effective as a genuine power supply.  Some of the monitors were pretty weak it seemed, though one 19 inch did quite well.

I put up a website with photographs of our project - we won 1st prize for our category (out of 16 groups), and won the Bitzer-Slottow Award (given out once per year by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department).

Here is the lifter project!

Love your work, keep it up!

Scott Moeller
Junior in Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sujet : Lifter 2  
Date : 17/03/2003 12:21:17 Paris, Madrid
De : Frederic Devillard ( Lyon - France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hello Mr Naudin,

I used your last schematic of THT using 2N3055 ballast to adjust the output (via a 10 turns potentiometer).

We can have a smooth and controlled take-off of the lifter2.

I thanks a lot for your help in answereing to my question, your Web site is excellent.

Frederic Devillard

Sujet : Lifter 1 replication 
Date : 15/03/2003 01:20:36 Paris, Madrid
De : Rene van der Lende ( Barnevel- The Netherlands )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Mr. Naudin,

Some 2 months ago I was searching the NET for some info on antigravity when I accidentally came across your site. Since then I have been visiting your site almost every day, several times a day, trying to absorb any information you give. As I am your regular Layman, I need to read and reread every page you post. I know little to nothing about electronics, math and physics. Nevertheless, I have read a lot about quantum physics and astronomy. Needless to mention that I have a lot of basic studying to do before I will be able to fully understand (and comprehend) any technical info on your site.

However, currently your experiments have drawn my attention to "lifters" and "overunity" and I am happy to inform you that on 10/03/2003 I was successful in recreating your lifter #1 experiment. Actually, my third atempt was. My first lifter was destroyed transporting it to my brother who wanted to help me with a safe HV device. My second lifter simply was to heavy. Using an old color monitor at 25KV it refused to lift off.
First I thought I was the energy save feature of the monitor that prevented the lifter from going up, so I attached it to an old monchrome monitor. Nothing but a lot of noise and sparking was the result, so I tossed the lifter and made a new one, exactly following your specs. On powering it up with the monochrome monitor, it gave a nice, but short spark, then a poof from the monitor which started to emit smoke from the back. Well, as mentioned before, I know little about electronics, but even I know that that isn't supposesd to happen.
I took the color monitor and used it to power the lifter (quite anxiously, as don't have too many monitors in store) and to my great pleasure (and surprise) it took off (as well as my stepdaughter, who got quite a scare by the noise it made).

Attached you will find a few pictures of the happy event. Now I'm off to replicate your Pico-Lifter experiment.....

Kind regards
Rene van der Lende aka "MaxxArcher" from Barneveld in The Netherlands....

Sujet : hexLifter 
Date : 11/03/2003 00:25:09 Paris, Madrid
De : David Clesse ( Messancy - Belgium)
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hi Jean-Louis,

First I want to thank you a lot for all your good work and the inspiration you are giving to the World (!)
When I first saw your website, I didn't understand how a man can have such a passion and time for this strange phenomena;
but now, after my 2nd lifter, I finaly begin to understand...

My first one (30cm triangle) took off, but the flight wasn't clean. After some 'tuning', I got it, but I burned out the 3 vertical sticks.
My second one is an hexagon (like Claude Dupré). Here's the specs:

capacitor length: 30 cm
capacitor#: 12
foil heigth: 38mm
air gap: 37mm
one horiz stick per capacitor.
plastic caps on vertical sticks.
26kV screen - 105kohm/10w R

I don't know his weight, maybe less than 10,5g (according to the simulator), but it takes a big payload (more than 1 euro coin but less than 2 - between 7,5 and 15g), and it takes off very fast. I'm very proud of it!

You can find the pics attached.

Now I'll build a bigger one, so CU soon ;-)

David Clesse - 29
Messancy - Belgium.

Sujet : Lifter #4 test balance control 
Date : 10/03/2003 22:05:19 Paris, Madrid
De : John Rigg ( Elk WA. USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hi, John Rigg here in Elk WA. USA

On my 4th Lifter I decided to try a electro mechanical control idea to see if a balance system could be built , so as to remove the 3 tether lines.

I failed in this respect but was able to control the balance of the lifter. I isolated the 12 outside lifter cells foil sections and brought them to a center commutator area. I then humg a foil disc that was grounded. The idea was that if the lifter tipped to the left for example the foil disc pendulum would move closer to the foil commutator and supply more ground to the lifter cells on the side that was lowest. This did and does work you can control the outside cells and use then as balance thrusters, the problem is with the simplistic foil disc pendulum. It has no damping so it will swing all over the place once placed in motion, so the lifter looked allot like a childs top just before it falls over. But again I was able to control the thruster cells and that was the
main goal.

I have attached pictures of the lifter commutator area and a ANAGLYPH picture (3d, red/blue glasses required) of the ship lifted with the balance control parts removed and out side cells grounded. NASA uses 3d anaglyphs as I'm sure you know as it is a good way to show depth, the Mars explorer is a good example, and moon rock pictures that can be found on the web. There is a link for free glasses on my site or you can get them at most any comic book shop.

You can see other lifter pictures at my web site.

Sujet : Test lifter de base et remarques 
Date : 04/03/2003 16:42:10 Paris, Madrid
De : Yves Brasey ( France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Je l’ai construit en suivant vos instructions, toutefois je ne garanti pas la régularité des baguettes de balsa ( j’avais une plaque de 2mm et couper des tranches de 1,5mm , pas aisé ), d’autre part j’ai remplacé les baguettes verticales par un bois plus lourd et plus dur ( trouvé en magasin de modélisme ).

Concernant la THT, il s’agit d’un vieux téléviseur couleur Philips modèle 110 mais je n’ai pas plus d’information.

Mes remarques :
- par deux fois le premier lifter a brûlé ( à chaque fois une des baguettes verticale s’enflammait plus vite qu’une allumette, et ce, dès la mise sous tension ),
- comme le montre la vidéo, mon lifter a un vol très désordonné,
- pour compenser l’excès de poids des baguettes verticales, je ne lui ais pas mis de pied,
- si le lifter est posé directement sur la table, il ne décolle pas. La partie du fil électrique située entre les deux baguettes opposée à l’alimentation entre en vibration ( amplitude environ 5/6mm ) et je ressens rapidement une forte odeur d’ozone.
- posé à la verticale, le lifter semble vouloir avancer horizontalement,
- un phénomène qui ne s’est produit qu’une fois : la sonnette ( sans fil ) de ma maison s’est déclenchée seule. Phénomène peut-être pas très significatif compte tenu qu’il ne s’est produit qu’une fois sur une cinquantaine d’essais.

A votre disposition pour d’autres expériences.

Yves Brasey

Sujet : Re: Lifter 1 
Date : 02/03/2003 21:14:59 Paris, Madrid
De : Dennis Reffler ( NJ, USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet


Thanks for the help with the resistor. After a few attempts I finally got one in flight. I am going to build another one when I am in NJ visiting dad this summer. He has been wanting to build one with me. Attached are the pictures you requested.  

Thanks, Dennis Reffler

Sujet : Hi 
Date : 25/02/2003 10:26:19 Paris, Madrid
De : Abdualbaset ( Libya )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

I am abdualbaset from Libya , young communication engineer.
I visit your site  several times , all experiments are good ,I interested in lifter one . so I decide to build version one lifer ,after I finish building I have tested, it works well . Only change that I made I changed  the frame material instead of wood I use plastic.

Sujet : my lifter replication 
Date : 21/02/2003 21:56:58 Paris, Madrid
De : Andrea Calandri ( Perugia- -Italy )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hi jean,  

in this message ai attach the foto of my lifter replication i use an old 15' monitor for HV power supply,

congratulation for you work! :)  

Name: Andrea Calandri  
Location: -Perugia- -Italy-
  Age: 17

Sujet : Premier test concluant! 
Date : 20/02/2003 23:31:50 Paris, Madrid
De : Greg ( France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Cher Monsieur Naudin,

Je viens de recreer un lifter de 8 cm de large (un seul triangle), feuille alu de 2,5cm de large, et le fil positif a 2,7 cm de la feuille. Malgré la faible puissance de mon ecran (26KV) il a finalement décolé!!!

Dans un premier temps, le fil se trouvait a 3 cm, et le lifter oscillait assez bien mais sans vraiment décoller; en le réajustant à 2,7, il va nettement mieux!
Deux premières constatations tout de même : le lifter est attiré par l'écran, et quelle odeur de photocopieur! lol

Je joins une photo (de mauvaise qualité, prise avec ma webcam dans le feu de l'action, et en tirant au maximum sur le fil). D'autres suivront, et de meilleure qualité j'espere :-)
Next step : une alimentation plus puissante :-)

Bonne soirée

Sujet : Lifter 1 Success 
Date : 17/02/2003 07:45:03 Paris, Madrid
De : Mike Kirkpatrick ( Washougal,  WA. USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Mr. Naudin,

I want to thank you for your great work in electro-gravitic work, and thank you for documenting so well for us experimenters.

I want to report that I have successfully replicated the lifter 1 design. I have included two attachments - one is a 798k jpg still picture of my lifter and setup, and the other is a 720k mpg movie of my lifter in action.

This was just my second lifter I built per your instructions. The first was just a bit too heavy and only got one corner off the table. The second model is the one that is in the pictures. It flew first time I applied power to it.

The changes from the first model to the second model were the following:
  1) Made balsa wood parts half as wide - about 2 mm
  2) Split the scotch tape in half length wise before using on each
       of the three sides to tape the foil over.
  3) I used some old uninsulated annealed steel wire approximately 29 gauge (11 mils)
      instead of  the 28 gauge insulated magnet wire that was put on the first model.

As you can see from the attached movie, the lifter is flying well.

I will be building many more large models and I want to thank you for the power supply plans you have provided. I sure wish I knew what voltage my monitor is putting out.

Again, thank you so very much,

Mike Kirkpatrick
Washougal,  WA. USA 

Sujet : 3 Photos of my lifter 1 
Date : 13/02/2003 03:34:40 Paris, Madrid
De : John Van Fossen ( Sidney Ohio, USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hello from Sidney Ohio,

I have built and successfully flown the first lifter in Sidney, 40:17:03 N 084:09:20 W  elevation: 969
I emailed you a while back and asked a question.  I finally got my lifters working for science fair, here are 3 pictures of my first test.
  I'm working on some designs of my own, but haven't taken photos of them yet.  I also have some videos and am in the process of making a web page, when I complete it I will email it to you.  I have also rebuilt my original lifter so it looks nicer and flies better.  Some videos and be found at:
You need QuickTime 6 ( or a player that will do mpeg4

John Van Fossen

Sujet : Succes! 
Date : 11/02/2003 21:46:07 Paris, Madrid
De : Michael Mladek ( Czech Republic )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Mr. Naudin,

I've been succesful in building this lifter (it hasn't been my 1st one but 1st successful). I used 2-55 kV power supply and this lifter took of with the power of 20 kV. While i was watching the flying lifter, I occured to turn the light off. I did so and observed small spots of blue light on the whole wire and some places of the aluminium electrode.

I've spoken with my teacher of physics, who was on the excursion at local university and some man she'd spoken to offered me to do some experiments right there. So if nothing went wrong you can expect more e-mail information from me!

Michael Mladek
Czech Republic

Sujet : Successful lifter replication 
Date : 10/02/2003 02:39:08 Paris, Madrid
De : Clyde Phillips, South Williamsport, Pennsylvania ( USA )
A : JNaudin509

Hi Jean-Louis,   My grandson ( Shane Gephart ) and I successfully replicated a 20cm triangular lifter today 2/9/03 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  We tethered it at 28cm height. 

We would be happy to join your log of previous successful builders.

Thank you,

Clyde Phillips

Sujet : Lifters 
Date : 06/02/2003 00:44:38 Paris, Madrid
De : Evans Bennett ( USA )
A : JNaudin509

Dear Jean-Louis Naudin,

Thanks so much for posting everything online, and doing such a good job with this Lifters idea.

Evans Bennett

Sujet : Lifter Replication 
Date : 02/02/2003 22:07:02 Paris, Madrid
De : Taylor Smith ( Springhill, LA, USA )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Hello Mr. Naudin,

My name is Taylor Smith.  I am 17 year old senior from Springhill, LA.  I have sucessfully reproduced the Lifter1 for this year's science fair project.  I plan on doing experiments with a vacuum testing the ion wind theory very soon.  I have attached some pictures to the email of the lifter.  Hopefully soon I will be able to send some more information with testing results.  Best of luck with all your experiments.

Taylor Smith

Sujet : Ma reproduction d'un lifter 
Date : 01/02/2003 18:38:37 Paris, Madrid
De : Johan Prins ( Biert, Ariège - France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Bonjour Jean-Louis!

Et à voir la liste des reproductions de lifters grandir, je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher: voilà le mien.
Moniteur 14 pouces et lifter sans barres inférieures de 25 cm de coté.

J'avais fait mon Lifter quand ma liaison vers Internet ne marchait pas, et je me suis trompé de polarité (+ en bas) mais cela ne l'a pas empêché de voler.
Il vole naturellement bien mieux (décolle plus "sec") avec le plus en haut.

Mon alim: un moniteur PC 14 pouces avec 235KOhm en Série
Les câbles vers les supports sont du conducteur intérieur de coax RG58.
Les fils de connexion et du lifter: fil très fin, comme un cheveu, extrait d'un petit câble flexible de modelisme de chemin de fer.
Les fils de connexion s'agitent d'ailleurs follement en l'air ce qui les fait souvent casser au niveau des pinces de l'alim.

Sinon 100% de réussite.

Bonne continuation!

Johan Prins, Biert, Ariège

Sujet : Lifter 1 
Date : 28/01/2003 20:49:53 Paris, Madrid
De : Anthony Le Coent ( Nantes, France )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Cher Jean-Louis,

J'ai réalisé ce week end un lifter 1 qui fonctionne conformément à vos indications et ce, dès le premier essai.

Sur la première, tu peux voir l'alimentation (le moniteur), le lifter, les câbles et le manche blanc (embout rouge) pour vider les condos après. Sur la photo 2 le lifter de type 1 est en lévitation. Pour obtenir l'alimentation, je manipule les fonctions du moniteur qui se met en veille sans signal vidéo d'entrée.  

Cordialement,   Anthony  LE COENT  
PS. Je donne à qui est intéressé la totalité du montage, à prendre à Nantes 44.

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