The ELG-Hat experiment

By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on May 21th, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update May 24th, 2000

This experiment is based on the T-Shaped capacitor built and designed by Alexander Frolov, it uses an improved Biefeld-Brown effect. This special design improves significantly the thrust and needs only few kV (5-10 kV) compared to the high voltage (30-250 kV) required by the original experiment from T.Townsend Brown. The Frolov's T-Shaped capacitor experiment has been fully presented in the Frolov's web site and also in the Electric Space Craft journal (issue 30, page 30 ( March 2000 )).

The Frolov's ELG-Hat uses the properties of an asymmetrical E-Field (gradient) for generating an unidirectional thrust.
The ELG-Hat is composed of an aluminum disk (50mm) placed in the middle and connected to the positive pole of the HV generator and of an aluminum ring (120 mm outer diam, and 100 mm inner diam) connected to the 0V (grounded).
A vertical cylinder (3 mm thick and 20 mm high (foam)) separates the two electrodes of this asymmetrical capacitor.

This device is very easy to build and uses common material ( a sheet of foam and a sheet of aluminum )

If you want to build yourself the Frolov's ELG-Hat see at : The ELG-Hat v1.0 construction

The experimental setup uses a high sensitive and insulated balance connected to the High-Voltage power supply.

If you want to build yourself the ELG-Balance see at : The ELG-Balance construction

When the power supply is switched on, the ELG-Balance shows a net loss of weight of the ELG-Hat (initialy 4 grammes) generated by the electrogravitic thrust. The thrust is produced as long as the power supply is energized and its internal capacitors charged.

The ELG-Hat has also been tested in a closed air bag

The HV power supply used is able to generate up to 30kV, but in this case the voltage output has been reduced so as to produce only about 10 kV, this can be done by reducing the DC voltage input to about 9V.

If you want to build yourself the 30kV DC power supply see at : The 30kV DC power supply construction

Notes from Jean-Louis Naudin : WARNING !! this experiment uses High Voltages (>10kV), use EXTREME CAUTION, always discharge and disconnect the power supply before touching it.

See the videos of the ELG-Hat experiment...

RealVideo of the ELG-Hat experiment with JLN's comments (192 kb)

A detailled video of the ELG-Hat experiment (72kb)

A detailled video of the ELG-Hat in an Air Bag experiment (60kb)

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