The ARDA v3.0
Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on November 14h, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update December 4th, 1999

The New ARDA v3.0 the EHD flying wing...

The ARDA Flying Wing is a light weight flying aircraft which uses an EHD (Electro-HydroDynamics) configuration based on the T.T. Brown effect for reducing significantly the air drag on the wings during the fly, this increases significantly the flight performances and generates a thrust during the flight
The wing surface is covered by a thin conductive layer ( a thin aluminum sheet ) and is connected to the positive potential of the High Voltage Generator (+30kV)
(click here to see the HV generator and the avionic equipment). A thin wire, used as the negative electrode (connected to zero potential of the High Voltage Generator), is placed just in front of the leading edge of the ARDA Flying Wing and above the center line as shown in the diagram below ( for more informations see also the ARDA computer simulation)

ARDA Project, proof of concept : The closed loop run, (A real EHD thruster)

The ARDA Flying Wing : photos gallery

GREAT EVENT : (12-04-99) - Power On Board Tests in a SUCCESSFULL CLOSED RUN

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