The ARDA v1.1/1.2
Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on April 27, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update April 28, 1999

The purpose of this new ARDA v1.1 is to improve the main design of the EHD wing. The thin wire placed in front of the leading edge of the wing has been completly covered by a dielectric sheet. So, the air drag is significantly reduced and the airfoil profile is more accurate. This also gives the EHD propulsion system more stealth...

Experimental test results : The test has shown that this enhanced ARDA Wing v1.0 works (see the video below), this is a proof of concept, and this will now open a new way in enhance EHD based wings design...

RealVideo of the ARDA v1.1 in action (in live mode or download (142kb))

( if you don't have the RealPlayer 5.0, you may download it freely at : )

Improvements : In the ARDA v1.2, I have better redesigned the dielectric shells for a complete encapsulation of the EHD leading edges of the wings (see below). The tests results was the same as the v1.1 (see the video).

RealVideo of the ARDA v1.2 in action

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