The ARDA Flying wing v2.0
Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on April 29th, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update May 3th, 1999

The ARDA Flying Wing v2.0 is a light weight flying aircraft which uses an EHD (Electro-HydroDynamics) configuration based on the T.T. Brown effect for reducing significantly the air drag on the wings during the fly, this increases significantly the flight performances and generates a thrust during the flight.

The thin wire placed in front of the leading edge of the wing has been completly covered by a dielectric sheet. So, the air drag is significantly reduced and the airfoil profile is more accurate.

This also gives the EHD propulsion system more stealth...

ARDA v2.0 specifications :
Wing span : 1460mm
Lenght : 1255mm
Wing area : 70 dm
Aifoil profile : Eppler 338 with special EHD features

Payload ( +30kV Hv generator, CdNi battery, Avionic and control equipment ) : 1800g

Estimated weight: 3500g
Estimated wing load : 50 g/dm

Imagine...A silent fly without moving parts at high speed.......

See also : The ARDA v2.0 - Avionic Equipment and more details on the design

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