Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump project
Test Reports and Updates
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on November 5th,, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update November5th, 1999
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AFEP new test update (11-05-99) :

The purpose of this test is to check the influence of the wire diameter used for the single-wire energy transmission test.


In the first setup, I have used a 1 mm wire (1m80 length), the AFEP generator has been tuned for the best efficiency ( the best pulses period of the flashes ).


In the second setup, I have used a 0.01 mm wire (1m80 length), the AFEP generator has been let with the same tuning than in the Test#1.

JLN Notes : It seems interesting to notice that, in spite of the reduction of the wire diameter ( divided per 100 ), the energy at the output of the AFEP seems to be constant (10 flashes in 6.33 seconds for the 0.01mm wire compared to 10 flashes in 6.29 seconds for the 1mm wire). The current input is a bit less with the 0.01mm wire than the 1mm wire.

AFEP circuit update (11-04-99) :

You will find below an improvement of the AFEP generator v1.2, the Q1 ( TIP3055 ) transistor is replaced by a N-channel MosFet Transistor BUZ11, you need also to add a 1k resistor (R3 in the diagram). This update from v1.2 to v1.3 will improve the efficiency and will reduce the losses by Joule effect in the transistor.

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