TheThornson Inertial Engine

The Floating TIE box Test

The T.I.E. V1.0 by JL Naudin

created on 07-31-98 - JLN Labs - last update on 07-31-98

The Thornson Inertial Engine has been put in a plastic box with its own power supply so the TIE box was able to move freely on the surface of the water.

The weight of the TIE box with the power supply was 862 g.

The two spinning masses have a very light weight M=1.5 g (each)

I have noticed that a high speed gives better results than heavy rotating masse, because the unidirectional trust is more constant and this reduces the jerky motion.

The measured speed is about 24 meters per hour

This test seems also to confirm the fact that the Thornson Inertial Engine produces an unidirectional thrust.

See the Thornson Inertial Engine floating test in REAL VIDEO :

The TIE floating test video (214 ko)

( if you don't have the RealPlayer 5.0, you may download it freely at : )

Comments : In spite of the light rotating weights used (2x1.5 g), the TIE device is able to move itself on smooth surface (for the 220 g TIE slider version), and on water (for the 820 g TIE floating box version)...

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