The 3 stages Lifter
By Jean-Louis Naudin
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created on September 25, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update September 30, 2002
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The purpose of this experiment is test a new design of Lifter. This new design uses a 3 stages setup.

The 3 stages Lifter is powered with the THT power supply of an old 14" Nec PC Color monitor ref : JC-1403HME 65W

The 3 stages Lifter specifications

The thin wire is connected to the +30 KV, the top aluminum armature is connected to the ground, the middle armature to the +30 KV and then, the bottom armature to the ground. Each aluminum armature is wing shaped with a thick leading edge ( 1.5 mm ) and a thin trailing edge ( 0.12 mm ). The thin trailing edge is equivalent to the first thin wire and produces a strong electric field.

  • Size : 3 equilateral triangles with each side 400 mm long, 20 mm high with a small 200 mm triangle inside them.

  • Aluminum armature : 12/100 mm thick,

  • Thin coper wire : 1/10 mm diameter.

  • Gap between each stage : 35 mm.

  • Total height : 180 mm

  • Total Weight : 14 g

See the video of the 3 stages Lifter experiment

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