TEST #16 : Temperature of the output coil loaded with 4180 W of halogen lamps
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January 19, 2013 - TEST #16 : Here is a very interesting test about the TEMPERATURE measurement of the bifilar Tesla coil connected at the OUTPUT loaded with 4180 Watt of halogen de lamps. Below the setup of the loads connected at the GEGENE output :

In this test, the output power has been limited to the level 5/10 i.e. at the middle power (about 1200 W).

The surface temperature of the bifilar Tesla coil is measured with a thermometer which uses a thermopile sensor so as to avoid some eventual electromagnetic interferences.

Below the electrical specifications of the flat Tesla bifilar coil connected at the output of the GEGENE.

The electrical power for the induction cooker is measured with a Wattmeter Energy Logger 4000F directly connected on the power grid :

The Wattmeter measures 1333 Watt at the INPUT of the induction cooker.

Comments : After some minutes of working, the temperature remains stable and the coil is only a bit warm in spite of the 4180 W of halogen lamps lit at the output. This is a very interesting characteristic here, because the warm up by Joule's effect is weak regarding to the high current produced at its output...

Here the full video of the TEST #16


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