The GEGENE : About the LOAD connected at the OUTPUT
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3 - About the LOAD connected at the OUTPUT of the GEGENE :

Concerning the load connected at the GEGENE output, you must use resistive loads such as halogen lamps and compatible with you country grid line (i.e. 220V in France). Don't use devices which have an electronic board inside because they don't work when they are connected at the output. Below, the setup that I have used for the testing :

You must connect at the coil output at least 1500 W otherwise the system will stall with the E0 error code and will bip.

The major interest of using halogen lamps at the output is that you get a good idea of the power flow in real time. This will allow you to compare the light intensity either powered by the GEGENE or directly connected to the main power grid. So, you don't really need to have special measurement tools to do this experiment by yourself...

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