The GEGENE : How To build the Tesla bifilar flat coil...
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2 - How to build the output coil for the GEGENE

As pointed in the chapter 1, the output coil used for the GEGENE is a Tesla flat bifilar coil. The coil is built with a dual flexibles wire (speaker wire) 2x0.75 mm2. Here the connexion diagram of the coil from the Nicolas Tesla patent N° 512,340 :

The output A and B are directly connected to the resistive and non inductive loads.

As the mounting base of the coil, I have used a wooden plate, 3 mm thick and 180x180 mm wide. The outer diameter of the coil is 160 mm (same diameter than the flat coil of the induction cooker). There are 16 turns of speaker wire, the wire is fixed on the plate with cyanoacrylate glue during the building. You must separate the wires while you build the turns due to the curved shape of the flat coil.

Below, the Tesla bifilar flat coil ready to be used...

Look at carefully how I have connected the wires at the output.

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