The GEGENE : The Main power source
created on december 28, 2012 - JLN Labs - last update december 30, 2012
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1 - The Main Power Source for the GEGENE

In the GEGENE the flat bifilar coil is electromagnetically coupled with the main flat coil of the induction cooker and acts as the secundary coil for the output. The driving and the controlling are fully done by the main electronic controller of the induction cooker itself. So, no special electronic equipment or laboratory measurement tools are required here to succeed in this experiment. You need only : an induction cooker, a dual flexible wire (speaker wire or grid wire) and some electrical connectors and plugs. At the GEGENE ouput you must connect resistive and non inductive loads such as halogen lamps... The total load power at the output must be at least 1500 W or more.

Here above the device that I have used for this experiment, this is a 2000 Watts induction cooker from UNOLD with the ref 58235.
I have found it on the net for less than 60 €.

Here below, the inside view of the induction cooker :

Below, the flat coil used as the primary coil for the GEGENE.

In normal condition, the induction cooker uses the Foucault currents to produce heat in the ferromagnetic vessel (the pan) placed above the coil. This flat coil is built with LITZ wires. The use of the LITZ wires allows to have flexible wires and no specific cooling, the losses by skin effect are greatly reduced with Litz wires.

The eletronic control board of the induction cooker is used without any change, it contains all the components required to succeed in the GEGENE experiment. I recommend to use a tunable induction cooker but in most cases it has such a feature.

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