DLE-TEST06 : Regenerative Acceleration Effect confirmed with the T. Heins' ReGenX v1.0
created on february 9, 2013 - JLN Labs - last update february 26, 2013
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February 24, 2013 - DLE-TEST06 : Here is the test of my first ReGenX v1.0 prototype, a replication of the Regenerative Acceleration Generator invented by Thane C. Heins.

The motor used here is a low Kv (Kv=231) brushless outrunner motor. On its outside are fixed 18 neodymium magnets. Their magnetic poles are placed radialy N-S-N-S-... A big inductance coil (24 Henrie) with a big time constant (L/R) is used as the secundary coil output.

Below the ReGenX v1.0 in construction, you can observe the 18 neodymium magnets fixed on the circumference of the rotor.

Here is the setup of the TEST-DLE06 :

The turn speed of the ReGenX is controlled with an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). The load of the Wattmeter Ferisol N300C is connected on the ReGenX via a switch. The turn frequency of the ReGenX is measured accross the secundary coil with a digital frequency meter (a Fluke multimeter). The DC current at the input is measured with a digital multimeter.

TESTS RESULTS on the ReGenX v1.0 :

On the photo below, the ReGenX is working WITHOUT LOAD, the measured frequency accross the secundary coil is directly linked to the turn speed and is 474 Hz, the DC current powering the ReGenX is 1.57 A.

On the photo below, the ReGenX is LOADED, the measured frequency accross the secundary coil is directly linked to the turn speed and is 484 Hz, the DC current powering the ReGenX is 1.55 A.

Comments :

These first tests of the ReGenX v1.0, a replication of the ReGenX of Thane C. Heins, confirm fully that the Regenerative Acceleration Effect is really present here : when the high inductance secundary coil is loaded, we can observe an increase of the RPM and a drop of the input DC current powering the ReGenX as Thane C. Hens has fully shown in his demonstration videos.

The full video of the tests conducted on my ReGenX v1.0 of Thane C. Heins

Stay tuned,

Email: jnaudin509@aol.com

I am very grateful to Thane C. Heins for his helpfull informations for the tuning of my replication the ReGenX of Potential Difference Inc. The videos and the documents below are published by courtesy of Thane C. Heins CEO of PDI Canada.

Documents and references :

The Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration (ReGenX) demo by Thane C. Heins


Successful replication by WOOPY of the Heins' Regenerative Acceleration Effect

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