DLE-TEST04 : FEMM simulation of the Bi-Toroïd (BiTT) transformer of Thane C. Heins
created on february 9, 2013 - JLN Labs - last update february 18, 2013
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February 18, 2013 - DLE-TEST04 : Here a FEMM v4.2 simulation which shows the working principle of the Thane C. Heins' Bi-Toroïd Transformer (BiTT).

The primary of the BiTT is composed of 1000 turns of AWG32, the two secundaries are composed with 200 turns of AWG20,
the dual magnetic core of the BiTT is made with "M-45 steel".

When the primary is powered, we can observe that the primary delivers flux to both the secundaries.

When the primary is off and IF ONLY ONE SECUNDARY IS LOADED, the Back EMF of this secundary produces a magnetic flux in the primary coil.

IF THE TWO SECUNDARIES ARE LOADED, the secundaries BEMF doesn't produce a magnetic flux in the primary coil...

Below a animated picture which shows the BiTT working.

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DLE-TEST05 : Confirmation of the Thane C. Heins' Effect with the BiTT v1.5

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