DLE-TEST03 : Successful replication and tests of the Bi-Toroïd (BiTT) transformer of Thane C. Heins
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Février 16, 2013 - DLE-TEST03 : I have recently discovered on the Internet, the Bi-Toroïd Transformer or BiTT invented and patented by Thane C. Heins. This kind of transformer is very interesting because it shows a special characteristic about the Delayed Lenz Effect that I would like to check and test myself : When loads are connected on the secundaries of this Bi-Toroïd (BiTT) Transformer, the power consummed at the input remains inchanged and the phase shifting between the voltage and the current is invariant...

This BiTT transformer from Thane C. Heins has already been tested and validated at the Ottawa university (Canada) and a lot of tests reports and videos have been published on the Internet.

So, this is why I have decided to replicate this interesting Bi-Toroïd Transformer... Below, you will find the BiTT v1.0.

This transformer has a primary (220V/50 Hz) and two secundaries (5V). The most particularity of this transformer is the special shape of the double magnetic circuit.

In the first test of the BiTT v1.0, I have connected 2 High Power LEDs (1W) at the output of one of the two secundaries, the other output has been short-circuited. A double circuit switch with 2 positions allows to connect the two LEDs on the secundary. The voltage, the current and the phase shifting are measured accross the primary.

Below the detail of the setup :

Here the technical specifications of the High Power Leds used as outputs :

Measurements results

When the BiTT v1.0 is loaded, the phase shifting between the voltage and the current REMAINS CONSTANT, a tiny drop of the current can also be observed under load...

Below the measurements of this setup, you can observe by yourself that the phase shifting between the voltage/current remains unchanged when loaded and unloaded...

Below the full video of the measurements done on the Bi-Toroïd BiTT v1.0 transformer of Thane C. Heins

Below some videos of Thane C. Heins at the university of Ottawa (Canada) who explains fully the effect observed


MIT Dr Zahn Bi Toroid Transformer Tutorial

Click HERE, to see some additional videos of Thane C. Heins about the BiTT and the self-accelerating effect under load on his magnetic motor/generator.

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Successful replication by WOOPY of the Thane C. Heins' BiTT

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