Test of the EM Soliton pulses through an EM shield
created on January 29, 2005 - JLN Labs - Last update January 30, 2005
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In this test, I have checked that the Soliton pulses are able to flow through a conductive and grounded box and also through a 5 mm thick grounded aluminum plate.

Above : A small probing coil has been placed inside a grounded steel box.
A 5 mm thick aluminum plate (grounded) has also been placed between the caduceus coil and the probing coil.

It is interesting to notice that the pulse produced by the caduceus coil (
in blue) is able to induce a strong aperiodic wave (in red) in
the probing coil placed in a shielded box and through the 5 mm thick conductive and grounded plate.

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