Pittsburgh Lifters Group


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA


Gregg Vizza and Daran Francis


Tubular Lifter Experiments
Original source : http://www.gravityforum.com/lifters/usa/pittsburgh/tubular-lifter/

  Two identical tubular lifters were constructed.  The only difference between the two being that one had a foil skirt, and one was tubes only.    Both lifters had exactly the same grams-lift/watt ratio of 16gm at 73Kv-1.5ma.  The foil tubes were not fastened to the balsa frame.  With the tubes hung loosely on the frame it easily confirmed that the lift was being produced by the aluminum being pulled upward.

Tubular Lifter With Skirt


Tubular Lifter No Skirt


Power Off


Power On


Note from Jean- Louis Naudin : Congratulations to Greg Vizza and to Francis Daran, there experiment proves definitely
that the main Lifter thrust is the result of an upward force of the aluminum armature towards the virtual armature generated
by the wires.

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