by Jean-Louis Naudin
created on may 28, 2010 - JLN Labs - Last update July 2nd, 2010
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The purpose of this test is to measure with more accuracy the INPUT electrical power of the Kapagen v3.3. There are 14 x 150 W halogen lamps connected in serie at the output of the Kapagen. I have used a Voltcraft LX-1108 Luxmeter to measure the light intensity of one of these lamps Vs the electrical power required, a calibration curve has been set.

The total OUPUT power for the 14 halogen lamps is calculated with the calibration sheet, below.

To measure the electrical INPUT POWER, I have used the high end energy meter Voltcraft Energy Logger 4000F connected at the output of the variac.

The electrical ground conditions were very poor due to the dryness. I have added water to the ground points to improve the conductivity.

The Kapagen v3.3 Power IO results are below:

See the video of this experiment:

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