A Successful working Roto-Lifter
by Wesley G. Faler ( Michigan, USA )

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Sujet : Successful Rotolifter Reproduction 
Date : 09/04/2002 00:22:28 Paris, Madrid
De : Wesley G. Faler ( Michigan, USA )
A : JNaudin509@aol.com
Envoyé via Internet

Bon Jour!  Thank you for the great information.  It has been quite inspriational.

I recently replicated your rotolifter experiment (with just one lifter - simpler).  My model making skills are lacking, so the lifter was too heavy, but tests have got it to spin at 80-100 RPM.

I've also had some success with the designs involving a metal cylinder and plate and the one using two cones.  Neither fully rotated on the test stand (reference my model making skills) due to the large friction.  More information will be coming once the rotator arm is improved and more designs get tested.

Attached is a video of the rotolifter experiment.

Here is the information for your log book:
    Wesley G. Faler
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    Roughly:         Latitude: 42°10' N         Longitude: 83°26' W

Thanks again!


See the video of the Roto-Lifter experiment

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