The TEP V2.1

The Time Energy Pump oscillator

created on 08/14/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 08/17/97

The TEP v2.1 or the "Time Energy Pump" uses bifilar coils technology for generating scalar waves generated by a parametric resonance in a bifilar coil.

Bifilar coil construction : The Bifilar coil ( L1,L2) is the main component of this oscillator and must be perfectly constructed.

1) Take a 200 mm length (20 mm diam) cardboard tube and 2 x 11.5 m of 5/10 magnetic wire (AWG 24).

2) Drill a small hole at each side of the tube for the wire, the distance between the holes must be 190 mm.

3) Wind the two L1,L2 coils at the same time, as shown below. You may glue the winding with cyanoacrylate.

4) Insulate properly an 125 mm wide area in the middle of the bifilar.

5) Wind the feedback coil L3 with a 5/10 mm magnetic wire with 250 turns.

7) Put a dot (the hot side) on one side of the bifilar to identify the polarity.

8) Check the bifilar coil with a signal pulse (square) generator.

Adjustments :

You may help to start the oscillation by pushing a ferrite rod into the coil. When the oscillator is started, you will see the perfect standing waves generated by the parametric resonance of the bifilar coil.

Notes :

I think that Scalar waves may be generated by this TEP generator.

It work in two different steps :

1) When the current pulse enters in each side of the bifilar, we have two flux of EM energy in the coil during this transient state, the first one goes from the Left to the Right and the second, from the Right to the Left. It is this EM wave which is collected by the coil L3 and restarts the oscillation of the system.

During this short transient state the parametric effect acts and the inductance of each coil L1 and L2 drops from the normal value to zero very quickly due to their reciprocating interaction. The time constant in the circuit changes rapidly as the current enters both sides of the bifilar coil.

2) AFTER this first step the coil acts as a NORMAL BIFILAR, in other words like a simple NON-INDUCTIVE resistor and a scalar pulse could be generated...

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In further experiments, I shall propose you to test scalar waves EM propagation and energy collecting.

For more informations about the parametric resonance see also : The parametric power conversion.

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