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Fred Epps comments :

Suj :	 Re: TEP 6.24-5-6-7FESHJL - TESTS RESULTS
Date :	10/10/1997 13:01:17  
From: (Fred Epps)

Hi Jean-louis and all Teppers!

Good work! Thanks for doing these tests.

To clarify, the transformer core was necessary and the inductances of the cores are additive-- that is, when the switch is open the inductance is L1+L2, and when it is closed the inductance is just L1.

Very interesting results!!! The necessity that there be a core, as well as the pure sine waveform, indicate a pure parametric resonance. I had thought that we would see something with the air core, but we didn't. Stefan was right about using a transformer.

He and Dieter were also correct about simply adding and subtracting inductance through a variable resistance (switch).

I consider this a very significant result, although the energy output is small. This experiment demonstrates that energy can be generated purely by switching, with no other energy output. There can be no mistaking this result, as it is clear that there is no energy input into the tank. This result is totally contrary to known electrical science, which states clearly that switching itself cannot add energy to a circuit.

I hope that you are not fooled by the small power output into believing this is a minor test. It is an avenue into a whole NEW area of development.

The energy output of this sort of circuit depends on the difference between the total inductance L1+L2 and the starting inductance L1. The larger this difference the larger the output, with no theoretical limit that I am aware of.

I think you can see the implications of this. In addition the L1 needs to be somewhat large for a useful circuit.

There is also no way to tell at this point whether the coils need to be magnetically coupled or not. This is a key point for the technical development of this principle. There is also the effects of various core materisl which always become important in parametric circuits. I will be working on experiments to test these other aspects.

Thanks again, Jean-louis, for doing these many tests for us. I find the results of this particular test to be unequivocal, thought-provoking and inspiring!

Fred Epps

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