The Time Energy Pump project

created on 09/15/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 09/15/97

Suj : TEP 6.0 circuit and PMOD ideas Date : 15/09/1997 15:39:25 From: (Stefan Hartmann) To:
    Hi, here are a few new ideas to use my proposed circuit to just extract back EMF energy without putting much energy into the circuit. When L2 is NOT shorted (Q1 is open) the circuit behaves just as an ohmic voltage divider and the voltage at the load resistor is just there when switch S1 is energizing the circuit and the current is just flowing immeditately. There is no tau=L/R, cause the bifilar coils L1 and L2 cancel all the inductivities. L1 and L2 just behave as an ohmic resistor together.   So S1 needs only to energize the circuit for a few mikroseconds. Then Q1 shorts the coil L2 and a few nanoseconds later S1 will be opened. This way you can win all the BACK EMF energy of the coil: W=0.5Li^2 without having to put this energy into the circuit.   What do you think of this ?   Please let me know your view.   Thanks.   Best regards, Stefan.     -- Hartmann Multimedia Service, Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany Tel: ++ 49 30-345 00 497 FAX: ++ 49 30-345 00 498 email: Web site:  

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