The TEP V4.2

The Time Energy Pump Project

created on 08/27/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 08/27/97

Notes :

The power measurment is relative to the power consumption of the TEP device WITH The Square waves generator circuit. ( current and voltage measured are DC ).

The most interesting effect to study is the "delta Power" BEFORE and AFTER connecting the load. You may see that the power input DROPS when I connect the load :

When 7xLEDs= 280mW, the power consumsion DROPS from 1.331 W to 0.859 W,

When the 80 mW DC motor is connected as a load, the power input remains constant ( - 0.001 W).

That is interesting to explore.....

See also the complete circuit diagram of the TEP V4.2.

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