The Lifter1 replicated successfully
by Stefan Kaechele ( Laufenburg, Germany )

created on February 3, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update February 3, 2002
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Sujet : Lifter 1 success with only 4Watt and only 15KV  
Date : 03/02/2002 00:54:06
De : Stefan Kaechele ( Laufenburg, Germany )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean-Louis,

our working group was able to replicate the lifter 1 experinent  succesfully.

humidity 38%
temperature 20°C

High voltage supply is a EHT multiplier(from a university) with a max. of 50KV pure, not pulsating DC, voltage finetuning, change of polarity,  and scales for the actual OUTPUT voltage and current. current up to  2,5mA.

Device was lifter 1 with adjustable wire and weight of 3g.
The shapes of the top part of the foil were mostly very well rounded !
wire CuL with 0,16mm diameter

The wires from the high-voltage supply were partially covered by teflon.

Our solution for adjustable wires. its a blade of straw cut in pieces, glued with  cyanacrylate-gel.

lift-off voltage with 31mm wire distance was 18KV and a current of 250uA
lift-off              25mm                   15-16KV               250uA
lift-off              20mm                   14KV                  450uA

polarity on the wire in all 3 cases was minus !
weak hissing sound.

if you start calculating the lift-off power is between 2,2W/g and only 

The results were:

polarity minus at the wire and weak hissing sound we used a pure DC and the values above are mere output taken from the scales of the high-voltage power-supply. we were suprised, too. our rough estimations about real losses are another 200uA of the measured currents above. that means a real needed power for the lift-off are in our best case 250mW per gramm.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Stefan Kaechele

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