PM_Square: (PM)^2 : Permanent Magnetic Motor project

A Stefan Hartmann's Idea

created on 10/26/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 10/27/97

Magnetic simulations and calculations

A thrust force seems to be produced on the magnetic sliders by the difference of magnetic density flux.

Notes from JL Naudin :

The magnetic simulation above shows the magnetic flux density along a path around the magnetic sliders.

Comments :

- The flux density along A and E is equal ( top and bottom surface of the sliders)

- The flux density along B and D is equal ( right top and right bottom surface of the slider)

- The flux density along H and F is equal ( left top and left bottom surface of the slider)

- But the flux density in point G is LOWER than the flux density in the point C, THUS THE FLUX DENSITY IN FRONT OF THE SLIDERS IS LOWER THAN THE FLUX DENSITY BEHIND THEM.....( see the red slope in the graphics )

You may notice in the small grey picts on the right of my picture, that I have used very long magnetic bars comparing to the size of sliders, and that the zero field end is very far away from the PM^2.....

This simulation seems confirm the Stefan's theory about the adding/substracting of magnetic flux in the behind/front area.

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